Episode #6 – Bass and the ART Tube MP, Plus More Bass Talk

The ART Tube MP and Brandon's Dean bassThis is Episode 6 of The Metal Shop Podcast!

We’re back, no podfade for these metalheads! In this episode, we talk a lot about bass. We review a cheap $30 preamp that can help shape your bass sound, and we discuss playing bass with a band.


In this episode, Brandon goes in depth into the Art Tube MP and how to use it to shape your bass sounds. The Art Tube MP is only $30 new, and you can buy one even cheaper on Craigslist or ebay. It’s a small tube based preamp that packs a unique punch.


From the scrap heap today is a discussion about why playing bass is not as easy as playing a guitar with only 4 strings played one note at a time.


Neil talks about his new band Afterline (http://www.afterline.co.uk/), as well as making music for Insane Championship Wrestling (http://www.insanewrestling.co.uk/), an over-18s-focused wrestling company based in Glasgow.

Brandon talks about getting engaged and becoming a stay-at-home dad to twin teenage girls with autism, which has impacted his ability to get shows out more often.

The two go over briefly some of the topics coming up on future episodes.

The song used at the beginning and end of the segment is “The Guilty” from Project DIVIDE. Check it out here on Spotify.

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