Episode #5 – Creating MIDI Bass From MIDI Drums (With Don Howatt of The Apostle Fractal)

This is Episode 5 of The Metal Shop Podcast!


In episode 5, Don Howatt from The Apostle Fractal explains a cool trick for creating MIDI Bass from MIDI Drum data!

(note: the images Don mentions in the segment can be found in an additional blog post on the TMSP website (http://www.metalshoppodcast.com) entitled Episode 5 Segment Supplemental Images.

Scrap Metal

Neil and Brandon discuss the use of plugins on the Master bus!

New Sponsor!

The Metal Shop Podcast is now sponsored by CLMastering.com! Check out this video featuring before and after examples!

Notes And Credits

This episode was mixed and edited at Skyline Sound Studios (http://skylinesoundstudios.com/), which is owned by Brandon S. Hire and located in Central Ohio.

The segment was created by Don Howatt from The Apostle Fractal, and featured music by The Apostle Fractal. Check out theapostlefractal.com for more info.

This episode also features samples from Murnane Tribe (http://www.murnanetribe.com/) and K Nacole (http://reverbnation.com/knacolemusic).


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