Episode #4 – Understanding Panning and the Stereo Field

a pan knob, yesterdayThis is Episode 4 of The Metal Shop Podcast!


In episode 4, Brandon goes into detail to debunk some misconceptions about panning, and calls out the maker of a certain consumer grade multi-track recorder for mislabeling how to record in stereo in it’s manual. Listen to this one with headphones kids!

Scrap Metal

Neil and Brandon discuss the importance of fresh guitar strings!

Notes And Credits

This episode was mixed and edited at Skyline Sound Studios, which is owned by Brandon S. Hire and located in Central Ohio.

The song used for the bumper music and audio samples in the segment was “Planet Nowhere” by Enemy By Mourning!  Go to http://open.spotify.com/track/4JuHu5SZYOqnSDx8kAMs59 to listen to it on Spotify.

Enemy By Mourning, as played in Episode 4


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