Episode #3 – BOSS HM-2 V Behringer HM300

This is Episode 3 of The Metal Shop Podcast!

BOThe battle of the century!SS HM-2 V BEHRINGER HM300

In episode 3, Neil pits the BOSS HM-2 against the Behringer HM300 to see where the differences lie. The BOSS HM-2 is legendary for being the source of the buzzsaw death metal tone, but despite being highly sought out online the HM-2 is no longer in production. The Behringer HM300 claims to re-create the HM-2 tone.

Scrap Metal

Neil and Brandon discuss avoiding machine gun drums when programming drums.


Mentioned on the show

Brandon’s appearance on Home Recording Show #162

Possible appearance on Inside Home Recording.

Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree on the Tom Green Show

Notes And Credits

This episode was mixed and edited at Skyline Sound Studios, which is owned by Brandon S. Hire and located in Central Ohio.
The distortion pedal shootout was recorded, mixed, and edited by Neil McDougall

This episode dedicated to the memory of Derek K. Miller.

2 Responses to Episode #3 – BOSS HM-2 V Behringer HM300

  • Dave Chick says:


    Just listened to the first half of the show … was going for the whole thing while walking the dog and then it just started pouring rain. Go figure: rain in Vancouver. huh. :???:

    Brandon and Neil – thanks so much for the tribute to Derek at the top of the show. You guys are a class act.

    On that note, I’m looking forward to pay-ba… er… having you on IHR next week! It’ll be … “fun” (bwa ha ha ha!!!!)

    Cheers, D

  • 8 Strings says:

    Hey guys, enjoying the show so far. I am a “bedroom bandit” home recording guy with a tiny bit of experience recording other artists. I’m still struggling with some of the basics after years as evidenced by the low volume of many of my mixes.

    Thought I’d drop you a line to say thanks for your efforts. I’m in the market for an HM-2 thanks to your last podcast, can’t help but love the Sunlight Studios sound.

    If you want to check out some of my recent stuff for fun, follow the above mentioned soundcloud website address.


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