Episode #1 – Resurrection of the show | Interview With Brad Smalling

This is Episode 1 of The Metal Shop Podcast!

For those who are confused, The Metal Shop is back in action and we’ve reset the show at Episode 1. The Metal Shop enjoyed a light run from 2007-2010 before going into podfade after 25 episodes. Looking back at the show, there were things in hindsight that could’ve been done much better. So the decision was made to bring the show back, and start over at Episode 1 so there would be a clean slate.

Brad Smalling Interview:

Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studios

In episode 1, we air part one of a two part interview taped two years ago with Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studio in Evergreen Colorado. Evergroove Studio is a solar powered recording facility in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, located about 30 minutes from Denver. Brandon went to Evergroove Studio to tape the episode in person.

Evergroove Studio

Brandon and Brad discuss the studio’s solar abilities, and the two talk about how Brad recorded “Stay The Course“, the latest EP from The Threatened. Brad is the bassist of the Denver based metal band.

The Threatened

Project DIVIDE:

Brandon is now involved in a heavy metal videosong project called Project DIVIDE.

Project RNL:

When the conversation turns to Videosongs, Neil mentions Project RnL, one of his favorite videosong projects.

Notes And Credits

As Neil and Brandon taped their banter, a thunderstorm rolled over Skyline Sound Studios that Brandon was unaware of. Since he was monitoring Skype, and not his mic feed, he didn’t hear the static that the storm was causing in the signal. He apologizes for any static that was unable to be edited out.

This episode was mixed and edited at Skyline Sound Studios, which is owned by Brandon S. Hire and located in Central Ohio.

The interview with Brad Smalling was recorded on location in 2010 at Evergroove Studio in Evergreen Colorado.

The bumper music played to start and end the interview with Brad Smalling is The Slience, by The Threatened.

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