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Episode #2 – Interview With Brad Smalling Continued

This is Episode 2 of The Metal Shop Podcast!

Brad Smalling Interview, Part 2:

In episode 2, we air part two of a two part interview taped two years ago with Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studio in Evergreen Colorado. Evergroove Studio is a solar powered recording facility in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, located about 30 minutes from Denver. Brandon went to Evergroove Studio to tape the episode in person.

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Episode #1 – Resurrection of the show | Interview With Brad Smalling

This is Episode 1 of The Metal Shop Podcast!

For those who are confused, The Metal Shop is back in action and we’ve reset the show at Episode 1. The Metal Shop enjoyed a light run from 2007-2010 before going into podfade after 25 episodes. Looking back at the show, there were things in hindsight that could’ve been done much better. So the decision was made to bring the show back, and start over at Episode 1 so there would be a clean slate.

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